Organizing Your Job Search

Jonathan Watson
2 min readFeb 19, 2022

I talk to a lot of Web Dev Bootcamp graduates who are actively seeking their first job in the software engineering field. Everyone wants to know what they should do to optimize their job search. My biggest suggestion? Stay organized.

Where to Store Your Info

When I was a recent Bootcamp grad, I kept an Excel spreadsheet with a list of every company I applied with. However, in recent years, other (dare I say better?) alternatives have arisen.

My favorite? Notion.

Notion allows you to store a record of every position you’re applying to, but also create an individual page for that position.

In addition, it’s nested formatting allows you to group various positions by company, in case you circle back and apply again.

What to Store

In my experience, three things are incredibly important to be able to find easily:

  1. Job Description/Details: What job did I apply for? What team was it with? What is the job description? Job requirements?
  2. Status: Where am I at with any given company. Have you had a phone screening? An interview? Did you send a follow-up card?
  3. Contact: Who am I connecting with at the company. Or at least, with whom have I corresponded. Note: this should include contact info.

A good system will allow you see all these things and more at a glance. That’s where, in my opinion, an Excel spreadsheet falls short.

Whatever you choose, staying organized can help you conquer the employment hurdle!



Jonathan Watson

Jonathan is a Senior Software Engineer in the Atlanta area. When not cranking out React, he enjoys teaching and traveling.