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If you’re still using Google as your default search engine? You’re not a user, you’re a commodity.

If you’re already convinced, feel free to scroll down where I show you how to change your default search engines in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

You are worth $15

Google just paid Apple $15 billion dollars to remain the default search engine on iPhone. That’s not a typo, that’s billion with a B.

Which means that if the latest stats are to be believed, and there are 1 billion iPhone users, then each user is worth $15 to Google.

That’s how much your data is worth. And…

Most unit tests? Aren’t unit tests. They’re integration tests. Anytime you see someone spin up a mongodb memory server? They’re checking to make sure that their controllers integrate with MongoDB. This is great. But it’s not a unit test.

Unit tests utilize spies, stubs, and mocks to test ONLY a single unit of code.

There are lots of different ways to organize your MERN stack application. The way I’ll be using in this article distinguishes between routes and controllers. Routes only handle routing. i.e. this URI should call this function. That function? Is a controller.

Our restaurantController.js is setup…

It’s 2021, and despite all the adversities that brings, there are still some bright spots in this technological era.

We’re still shy of the “Smart House” envisioned by the Disney channel original movie by the same name. But there are numerous conveniences available, if you’re willing to spend the time setting them up.

Here is my guide to making your home smart with the Internet of Things.


Back in “the old days”, you might have five, or even ten internet connected devices on your local wireless network. With the rise of smart phones, you can easily double that number.


You’re browsing job listings, trying to get your first role as a Junior Developer when you see it, “Experience with CI/CD.” It’s enough to make your stomach drop, especially if you’re a bootcamp graduate.

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

See, most bootcamps don’t teach CI/CD, or if they do, they teach it poorly, trying to cram it in during project week.

And yet, CI/CD is essential for most enterprise level companies.

In this series, I’m going to try and give you the basics of CI/CD in hopes that you’ll at least feel comfortable discussing it, maybe even building your own pipeline!

What is CI/CD?

CI/CD is an acronym…

Know What You Do

You get people interviews, not jobs. Let me repeat that. Interviews. Not jobs.

Only the prospective hire can walk in and knock it out of the park to land a job. Even then, there will be times when a candidate will interview, go well, get an offer, and reject it.

If you base your (personal) success on jobs, I believe you’ll be frustrated. In my opinion, you’re better off basing it on getting people interviews. And getting those candidates offers. Because that means that you got the right candidate in front of the right people.

Now, full disclosure, if you’re…

One of my favorite Parks and Rec scenes is when Ron Swanson, running from his ex-wife, busts open an air vent, wishes Leslie “Godspeed”, and runs for the hills.

Now, I’m no Ron Swanson, but I do keep my Tech Backpack fully stocked for all occasions, emergency and otherwise. Here’s what I carry.

KOPACK Business Backpack

So you’ve finished Tiger King and you’re still not out of quarantine. What next? I’d like to recommend these six movies for your video-watching queue:

1. War Games

War Games

That’s right, we’re going to start with a classic. Released in 1983, this sci-fi thriller follows David Lightman (a young Matthew Broderick) as he hacks into a Military Supercomputer and answers the seemingly innocuous question, “Shall we play a game?”

I love this movie because of the simple nostalgia of it all. A dial-up modem, computer systems with back-door passwords, corporations that leave root user access in production systems . . . …

You’ve finally done it. You’ve taken the plunge and picked up Apple’s new flagship laptop, the MacBook Pro 16". What’s next?

I’m going to take a term from video game systems, the “loadout”. Here’s where you can equip your character’s additional items to customize your gameplay experience. I’ve split it into two categories: On-The-Go and Office.


A key part of SCRUM methodology is the sprint retrospective. Unfortunately, many times, the tools used are sub-standards, lacking essential retrospective principles.

Either a Scrum Master tries to use an application not specifically designed for Retros, or they’re pigeon-holed into freemium applications that restrict your ability to maintain historical records.

Enter Sky Retro.

For software teams, made by developers and product managers.

Having the right tools for the job makes your life easier and delivers the most impact. And who knows those tools better than the developers and product managers that use them? That’s why we built Sky Retro. …

It’s simple! Join a coding bootcamp and make six-figures in 3–6 months!

Oh, if only. While this is the case for many people exiting a legitimate bootcamp, it’s not an easy road, especially if you’re not coming from a technical background.

Here is my (non-exhaustive) list of things you should know/research before you jump head first into a bootcamp to become a software engineer, in no particular order.

Get Used to the Lingo

TLAs or, three-letter-acronyms are abundant in software development, and tech in general. Here are some top of mind TLAs you should know.

  • API
  • CSS
  • DNS
  • HDD
  • ISP
  • RAM
  • SDK
  • SSD
  • HTML
  • HTTP(s)

Jonathan Watson

Jonathan is a Senior Software Engineer in the Atlanta area. When not cranking out React, he enjoys teaching and traveling.

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